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Training School on ‘Aquaponics: Ergonomics and economics’

Published by , 21/7/2017

The seventh and final training school of the EU Aquaponics Hub will take place on 30 October – 2 November 2017 at AquaBioTech, Mosta, Malta.  This four-day training school will focus on RAS and hydroponic greenhouse ergonomics and economics. Ergonomics covers the best possible layout and setup of different parts of both systems with maximum functionality and productivity in mind. The integration of aquaponics to existing aquaculture facilities will cover the basic design considerations needed when adapting an existing aquaculture system to facilitate plant production. An overview will be provided of the economics of various aquaculture systems at different scales, and the necessary considerations when preparing business plans and designs. Besides attending lectures, participants will have the chance to see ergonomics in action in the various RAS units of the company. They will also visit one of the hydroponics farms in Malta where we will have an open discussion about farm design and try to implement the training on site by analysing the existing layout and trying to improve it.

Further details can be found here.