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Success in aquaponics food production lies in the balanced combination of fish with plants within recirculating water systems. Many aspects need to be controlled and integrated, within a legislative framework which is not always starightforward. A series of Factsheets have thus been prepared focusing on key aspects of aquaponics divided into 4 key areas: Systems, Fish, Plants and Legislation. Additional Factsheets will be published over time and subscribers to the Newsletter will be notified when these come on line.


These factsheets include information on a variety of aspects of systems such as filtration, water circulation, systems design, energy, economics and maintenance.

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These factsheets concentrate on fish, incorporating aspects such as food and nutrition, fish welfare and fish behaviour, pathology and fish health.

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These factsheets concentrate on all aspects of plant cultivation, including the identification and prevention of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

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Legislation is a key area for aquaponics especially as it joins together the two disassociated agricultural domains of aquaculture and hydroponics.

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