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New publication from the EU Aquaponics Hub

Published by , 31/1/2017

Commercial Aquaponics Approaching the European Market: To Consumers’ Perceptions of Aquaponics Products in Europe

This paper presents the results of a study whose main aim was to assess consumers’ knowledge about aquaponics and their acceptance of aquaponics products in different European regions. An on-line questionnaire was sent to members of the public in 16 European countries. The results confirm three different clusters of potential consumers of aquaponics products. They also suggest an urgent need for implementing integrated and holistic approaches involving all stakeholders in aquaponics, in order to define a marketing plan and efficient communication strategies. Public decision makers, in cooperation with aquaponics stakeholders, need to address the main institutional constraints, namely the introduction of aquaponics as an economic activity and the organic certification of aquaponics products.

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