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EU Aquaponics Association

Published by , 3/5/2018

The EU Aquaponics Association (EUAA) was launched at the final conference of the EU Aquaponics Hub in April. The objectives of EUAA are

  • To promote aquaponics and aquaponics technology in the EU and globally;
  • To encourage and promote the education of consumers and food safety officials on the benefits of aquaponically grown food, without exaggeration or ‘hype’;
  • To encourage and promote aquaponic food quality, through good science and practice and the setting up and promotion of aquaponics standards;
  • To build a platform to facilitate the exchange of information between aquaponists, aquaculturists, horticulturists, farmers and other players, in order to develop aquaponics in the EU;
  • To support aquaponics farmers and entrepreneurs inside ACAC (the Association of Commercial Aquaponic Companies), which is a part of the EU Aquaponics Association;
  • To encourage and promote the use of aquaponic technology as a viable choice for sustainable organic food production;
  • To encourage and promote aquaponics as an educational tool for teaching STEM subjects at primary and secondary school levels; and
  • To encourage and promote aquaponics education at University and college levels.

The website, with details of how to join, will be up and running soon.