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Commercial Aquaponics workshop

Published by , 22/7/2015

Commercial Aquaponics Workshop 26th & 27th Aug 2015

Dr Wilson Lennard – one of the key players in aquaponics globally with fourteen years of commercial aquaponic experience – is coming to the UK in August to run a Commercial Aquaponic Design & Business Workshop in partnership with Fisheries and Maritime consultancy Macellistor Elliot and Partners.

The two day intensive course will be the first of its kind in the UK (although Dr Lennard has been running similar courses for years in the USA). The workshop will be run at Bicton EaRTH in Devon on the 26th & 27th August. It will be followed by the British Aquaponic Association (BAQUA’s) annual conference on the 28th August.

BAQUA is supporting the workshop, and are now taking bookings (you must book by 24th July at the latest). Information about the workshop, including how to book can be found here.