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ARIMNet2 Joint call for transnational research proposals

Published by , 11/7/2017

ARIMNet2 is offering funding to support Young Researchers leading research projects aimed at producing innovations that enhance the contribution of agricultural and food systems to social and economic development in a sustainable way. The call will support research consortia in a broad scope of topics to give researchers the opportunity to develop their own networks and research ideas and to facilitate the establishment of long-lasting collaborations and partnerships among young scientists around the Mediterranean.

The call covers two topics: Promoting sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development and Valorising local products through food value chains improvement.

Eligible countries are: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia (southern countries), Croatia, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, and Slovenia (northern countries). A project consortium must include at least three young researchers from three different eligible countries (at least 1 from a northern country and 1 from a southern country). Applicants must have obtained their PhD after 1 January 2007.

Full details can be found here.