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Aquaponics session at Aquaculture Europe 2017

Published by , 27/6/2017

The EU Aquaponics Hub has organised a special session on Aquaponics at the forthcoming Aquaculture Europe 2017 conference which will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 18-20 October. Chaired by Vesna Miličić and Benz Kotzen, the one-and-a-half day session will consist of 23 oral presentations and two posters on a wide range of themes, including ‘Predicting  the future of aquaponics with Google Trends’, ‘The potential for combining living wall and vertical farming systems in aquaponics’, and ‘Difficulties encountered by aquaponics start-ups in Europe’. Speakers from Rostock University, the University of Liège, and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, among others, will also present the results of their latest research on topics such as plant growth performance, sludge digestion, nitrogen dynamics and microbial communities. In addition, there will be a presentation on ACAC (Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies) in the session on ‘Governance, Policy and Planning’. The full programme will be announced in September. Until then you can find more information about the conference here.