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Aquaponics: a review of systems, designs, scales and nomenclature

Published by , 10/3/2018

Members of the EU Aquaponics Hub have collaborated in a paper which provides a definitive definition of aquaponics: where the majority (> 50%) of the nutrients sustaining plant growth derives from waste originating from feeding aquatic organisms. The paper provides a classification of integrated aquaculture and aquaponic systems (open, domestic, demonstration, and commercial) and scales of production (≤ 50, > 50–≤ 100 m², > 100–≤ 500 m², > 500 m²). This enables authorities, customers, producers and all other stakeholders to distinguish between the various systems, to better understand their potentials and constraints, and to set priorities for business and regulations in order to transition RAS or integrated aquaculture into commercial aquaponic systems. Click here to read the article.